• Microwave Ferrite Materials

    We provide microwave to the telecommunications industry. We do not manufacture materials. We are a machine shop that sources materials from all the major manufacturers like TransTech, Countis, Pacific Ceramics, Laird/Emerson Cumming, Resin Systems, and Coors.

    We can be your single source for microwave materials including: Garnets and Ferrites, Absorbers/Load Materials, and Dielectric Materials.

  • Hard Magnetic Materials

    We provide hard magnetic materials to various industries. We do not make magnetic materials. We are a machine shop that sources magnetic materials from manufacturers in the USA and around the world. We can provide you with a single source for pushing high-end, DFARS compliant materials to cost-competitive Chinese magnets.

    These include: Neodymium Magnets, Samarium Cobalt Magnets, Ferrite Magnets, and AlNiCo Magnets.

  • Grinding Services

    We grind ceramic materials for the telecom industry. We offer fast, efficient manual grinding of the simple shapes commonly associated with the isolator industry: discs, triangles, substrates, and 2-, 3-, and 4-piece assemblies.

    We work with ferrite, garnet, dielectric, load, and magnetic materials. Our capabilities include: Surface Grinding, Lapping, Centerless Grinding, Honing, and Core Drilling.